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Statistician Salary in Nigeria 2022 (all you need to know)

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 Who's a statistician? Duties of a statistician, statistician salary in Nigeria, qualities of a statistician. All will be talked about in this article.

Statistician salary in Nigeria

If you are a mathematician, you may want to consider a career as a statistician.

This article is dedicated to exposing statistician salary in Nigeria to us.

Who is a statistician

A statistician is a person who works with theoretical or applied statistics. A statistician design survey, use statistical methods to collect and analyze data which helps to solve problems related to business, engineering, science or other fields.

A statistician is employed and can work in many fields such as Education, marketing, sports, psychology and any other area that requires analysis and collection of data.

Duties of a statistician

A statistician typically performs the following duties below;

1. A statistician analyzes and interprets data

2. A statistician designs questionnaires, surveys, experiments and opinion polls to college the data they need

3. A statistician applies knowledge from statistical theories to solve practical problems in sciences, business, engineering and all other fields

4. A statistician prepares scientific papers and report

5. A statistician assists in decision making

6. A statistician collects and analyzes data

7. A statistician chooses what data are needed to give answers to questions or problems

8. Statistical design methods for finding or collecting data

9. The statistician also advise their clients on how to improve the design of future surveys or experiment

Statistician Salary in Nigeria

Now that we have known a thing or two about a statistician, we can now talk about the statistician salary Nigeria.

A statistician salary in Nigeria varies depending on the factors below;

Educational qualification

Where you work

Years of experience

Statistician salary in Nigeria based on educational qualification

Below are the statistician salary in Nigeria based on educational qualification;

1. Fresh graduate-N80,000-N150,000

2. Masters degree holder-N200,000-N300,000

3. PhD-N350,000-N500,000

Statistician salary in Nigeria based on where you work

Below are the statistician salary in Nigeria based on where they work;

1. Banks-N80,000-N300,000

2. Secondary school-N20,000-N70,000

3. Government agencies-N80,000-N400,000

4. Tertiary institutions-N80,000-N500,000

Statistician salary in Nigeria based on years of experience

Below are the statistician salary in Nigeria based on the years of experience;

1. 5 years of experience-N50,000-N200000

2. 10 years of experience-N200,000-N350,000

3. 10 years and above-N350,000-N500,000.

Qualities of a good statistician

The qualities listed below are required to become a successful statistician in Nigeria;

1. Ability to solve problems

2. Communication skills

3. Management skill

4. Analytical skill

5. Critical thinking skills

6. Leadership skill

7. Strong computer skills

8. Team skills

Note: The statistician salary in Nigeria listed above are estimates and are bound to change over time.

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