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Nutritionist Salary in Nigeria (all you need to know)

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Duties of a nutritionist, nutritionist salary in Nigeria, and skills of a nutritionist all will be unravelled in this article.

Do you wish to be a nutritionist someday? Or do you wish to know about the nutritionist salary in Nigeria? Either way, this article is for you, before I disclose the salary of a nutritionist, we must know what they are and what they do.
Nutritionist Salary in Nigeria

 Who is a nutritionist?

A nutritionist is a person whose duty is to advise patients on the right food to eat to remain healthy.

 Duties of a nutritionist

Below are the duties of a nutritionist in Nigeria;
  1. A nutritionist is expected to help their patients develop better eating habits which help to improve their health. Some other responsibilities of a nutritionist include the following;
  2. Presenting and advising a balanced nutritional strategy
  3. They help their clients achieve a healthier lifestyle through nutrition education and healthy food choices
  4. Discussing and advising on weight management plans

 Nutritionist Salary in Nigeria

Now, we have an idea of who a nutritionist is and their duties? Let's delve into the nutritionist salary in Nigeria. 

Nutritionist Salary in Nigeria is influenced by the following factors;

  1. Place of employment
  2. Educational qualifications
  3. Years of experience

  • Nutritionist Salary in Nigeria based on their place of employment;

A food nutritionist can be employed in a health clinic, research institute, tertiary institutions, government agencies, research institute, secondary schools, and catering services.
Below are the salaries of a nutritionist according to the place of employment in Nigeria;

  1. Secondary school-N30000-N80000
  2. Government agencies-N80000- N300,000
  3. Research institute-80000-N300000
  4. Health clinic -N80,000-N250000

  • Nutritionist Salary in Nigeria based on education qualifications;

  1. Fresh graduates-N30,000-N80000
  2. Master degree holders-N80000-N300000
  3. PhD holders-N250000-N600000
This depends on where they are employed and their level of degree.

  •  Nutritionists' Salary in Nigeria based on experience; 

Nutritionists' Salaries in Nigeria are been influenced by one's year of experience.
A summary of a nutritionist salary in Nigeria based on their years of experience is written below;
  1. 5 years of experience-N45000-N80000
  2. 10 years of experience-N000-N200000.
  3. 20 and above-N120000-N600000

 Skills required of a nutritionist

The following skills are required to become a successful nutritionist;
  1. Communication skills
  2. Problem-solving skills
  3. Team working skills
  4. Organizational skills

In conclusion, the average nutritionist salary in Nigeria, listed above is not fixed and it's bound to change.

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