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Linguist salary in Nigeria(all you need to know)

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Who is a linguist? duties of a linguist, Linguist salary in Nigeria are all unravelled in this article.

This article is dedicated to exposing linguist salaries in Nigeria. Before we look into the salary of a linguist. We must know who they are and what he or she does.

Who is a linguist

Linguist salary in Nigeria

A linguist is a person who studies language. A linguist makes research and studies every form of language including grammar, vocabulary, sounds of language and how words change over time. A person who studies linguistics is called a linguist.

Duties of a linguist

  1. A linguist typically performs the following duties below;
  2. A linguist studies the structure of language and how is used by native speakers to identify patterns.
  3. Linguists make research on the use of language in fields such as science, law, technology and business.
  4. A linguist teaches students foreign languages which helps them communicate with the foreigners easy.
  5. A linguist identifies grammar and spelling errors in sentences or words to make corrections.
  6. A linguist translates written material from one language to another, which includes medical and legal documents, literary works, contracts and brochures.

Linguist salary in Nigeria

Now, that we have seen who a linguist is and their duties, it is important we know how much they earn in Nigeria. Linguist salary in Nigeria depends on the following factors;
  1. Place of employment
  2. Educational background
  3. Years of experience
  4. Size of form
   A linguist can be employed as a marketer, communication officer, copywriter, subtitler, publisher, editor, government agency, international aid worker, teacher, research firm and lexicographer.
  An average linguist's salary ranges from N25000-N50000, though the salary varies depending on the factors listed above.

Qualities of a linguist

Are you interested in languages, if so, here are some qualities you need to acquire to be a successful linguist;
  1. Strong communication skills
  2. Interpretation/translation skill
  3. Listening skill
  4. Organizational skill
  5. Research skill

Note:The linguist salary in Nigeria listed above is an estimate and is bound to change over time.

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