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Level 9 salary in Nigeria 2022 (all you need to know)

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 Level 9 salary in Nigeria

  The level 9 salary in Nigeria for graduates in the civil service varies according to the type of job you are given in the government sector. When it comes to job opportunities, government jobs are the best to apply for as the benefits and the career you put effort into the Nigeria civil service can help you become a minister in future.

   You might be surprised to know that there are different levels in the Nigeria civil service and who the level 9 workers are, this article will enlighten you.

   When it comes to the payment of salary in Nigeria, there is a well-organized payment structure. The salaries paid to civil servants in Nigeria are determined by years of experience, position, type of job, educational qualification, level of professionalism and many other criteria. 

However, the payment structure comes with additional bonuses and allowances which also depend on the level of each staff. Most times, getting a job as a civil servant requires you to have a connection with officials in the Nigeria government.

    This system known as grade level 9 is meant for those with a master's degree. A lawyer is also placed on level 9. Though, the salary paid to these civil servants varies depending on the profession. The payment however comes with benefits and allowances.

    This article will enlighten you on how many levels 9 workers in different agencies are paid. However, this payment structure has been consistent over time. Let's talk about the different level 9 salary for workers in different organisations in Nigeria.

Level 9 salary in Nigeria

 Civil Defense (NSCDC) level 9 salary in Nigeria

 The NSCDC is a para-military agency of the Government in Nigeria. This agency is commissioned to protect against attacks or any form of threat to the nation and its citizens. Note that, salaries paid in NSCDC depend on your level and promotions attained based on the payment scale.

   An officer with NSCDC on level 9 (Assistant superintendent cadre 1) salary ranges from N939,310-N1,056,416 Annually.

    The level 9 salary in Nigeria increases as your rank level increases. Apart from the salary written above, there are additional benefits and allowances.

 Nigeria Communication Commission Level 9 salary in Nigeria

NCC is one of the best places to get a job in the government sector. NCC was authorized in 1992 and is responsible for the supply of telecom services and facilities. They are also in charge of the supply of telecom services and facilities.

   The Nigeria communication commission is one of the most recognized government agencies which is responsible for information, communication and technology space in Nigeria's telecommunication industry. The monthly level 9 salary in nigeria NCC is estimated at N2,325,828-N3,459,888 Annually. Aside from the salary, there are additional bonuses.

 Nigeria Police force level 9 salary in Nigeria

A level 9 Police officer(Assistant superintendent police step 1) earns N136,616.06 monthly and N1,639,392.72 annually. The Nigerian Police force has contributed greatly to the progress of the nation. Research has shown that they are among the highest-paying jobs in the government sector.

 Grade level 9 qualification in Nigeria

Those with a master's degree and a law degree are qualified and would be placed on a level 9 salary when they join the civil service.


It is important to know that the level 9 salary in Nigeria listed above in the various department could change. Change is constant and this could be concerning position, experience, location, job, professionalism and increase in the minimum wage by the federal government.

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