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Banker salary in Nigeria

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 Who is a banker? Banker salary in Nigeria and the duties of a banker are all revealed in this article.

This article will reveal to you bankers' salaries in Nigeria. Before that, who is a banker.

Who is a Banker

Banker salary in Nigeria

A banker is a person who is trained to carry out banking business such as lending money, accepting deposits, withdrawing facilities and exchanging money.

Duties of a Banker

A banker is expected to carry out the following duties below;
  1. Keep records
  2. Gather financial information
  3. Manage customers account
  4. They provide financial assistance to clients
  5. They deal with financial transactions
  6. Disbursing of funds
  7. They help to solve issues related to bank services and accounts

Banker Salary  in Nigeria

 If you inspire to be a banker, this article has revealed to you things you need to Know about bankers. Now, we need to know about bankers' salaries in Nigeria.
  However, some factors influence the salary of a banker in Nigeria. These factors are;
  1. Level of experience
  2. Type of bank
  3. Type of bank staff
  4. Type of job description for the banker
 Below are the salaries of a banker according to the position they hold;
  1. Entry-level-N250,000-N340,000
  2. Senior banking officer-N350,009-N495000
  3. Bank manager-N900,000-N120000
  4. Deputy manager-N680000-N250000
  5. Senior manager-N1300,000-N1750000
  6. General manager-N3,000,000-N3500000
  7. Managing Directors-N3500000 and above
   All these salaries listed above depend on the bank and level of experience.


Qualities of a Banker

To become a successful banker, you must exhibit the qualities below;
  1. Problem-solving skills
  2. Discipline
  3. Communication skill
  4. Attention to detail
  5. Customer service skills
Note:the banker salary in Nigeria listed above are just estimates and are bound to change.

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