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Auxiliary nurse salary in Nigeria (all you need to know about auxiliary nurse salary)

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 Auxiliary nurse salary in Nigeria, duties of an auxiliary nurse in nigeria, auxiliary nurse salary in nigeria, qualities of an auxiliary nurse, auxiliary. All listed above will be unravelled in this article.

Do you wish to know about an auxiliary nurse's salary in Nigeria? if so this article is for you, before we proceed, we must know who an auxiliary nurse is.
Auxiliary Nurse salary in Nigeria

Who is an auxiliary nurse

An auxiliary nurse is someone with a lower level of training than a registered nurse. An auxiliary nurse is also referred to as a health assistant.

 Duties of an auxiliary nurse

An auxiliary nurse could potentially work under a wide range of health care professionals including doctors and nurses, midwives, nutritionists, speech and language therapists, paediatricians, physiotherapists, and medical scientists in a specialist field. An auxiliary nurse would typically perform the following tasks or duties;

  1. Changing bed linen
  2. Washing and toileting patients
  3. Feeding at mealtimes, as well as logging food and fluid intake for patient records
  4. Making patients feel good and secure in their surroundings
  5. A more experienced auxiliary nurse may also be required to conduct minor medical procedures including
  6. Monitoring blood pressure
  7. Taking temperature
  8. Monitoring weight

   In most cases administering medication to patients, however, will often be supervised by a mediator.

  Auxiliary nurse salary in Nigeria

We have discussed who an auxiliary nurse is and their duties, and we must have an insight into auxiliary salary in Nigeria.

   The average salary of an auxiliary nurse in Nigeria is between N30,000-N50,000 monthly. Though they are not paid the same salary globally, it depends on the hospital you are working in. I have heard that some additional nurses working in private hospitals are paid N70,000 monthly.

Qualities of an auxiliary nurse 

  Do you have what it takes to become an auxiliary nurse in Nigeria?
To become an auxiliary nurse, you must possess the following important qualities;

  1. Emotional Stability
  2. Communication skills
  3. Passion to learn new things
  4. You must be a critical thinker
  5. Open-mindedness
  6. Organizational skills
  7. Neatness
  8. Time management skills
  9. Compassion. 
  10. Ethics

In conclusion, the auxiliary nurse salary in Nigeria listed above varies according to different organisations. Note that the auxiliary nurse salary is bound to change at any given time. 

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