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Ashaka cement salary ( is it worth it)

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 About Ashaka cement, Ashaka cement salary is both revealed in this article. 

Do you wish to work in Ashaka cement or do you wish to know the Ashaka cement salary structure, either way, this article Is for you? First, I will like you to know about Ashaka cement.

 About Ashaka cement

Ashaka cement limited was incorporated in the year 1974 and started production in the year 1979 as a cement and marketing company.
Ashaka cement is a cement 
Ashaka cement salary

manufacturing company which is aimed at providing solutions in the building and construction industry.

 More details about Ashaka cement

This article also exposes more details about Ashaka cement. The information below will be of importance to you if interested in Ashaka cement.
Ashaka cement plc address
Ashaka works, near Gombe, Gombe state
Phone numbers:+23408022924941,+2348022924942

 Ashaka cement salary

Now, that you have a view about Ashaka cement, it is important we also know about Ashaka cement's salary 
    Salaries paid in Ashaka cement depend on the position each employee occupies.

An average worker at Ashaka cement earns N150000 per month which amounts to N1800000 per annum. This simply means that some workers would earn more or less.

   An entry staff or junior staff working at Ashaka cement earn around N80000 per month which amounts to N960000 per annum. Top staff at Ashaka cement earn around N300000 per month which is 3,600,000 per annum.

Note:The Ashaka cement salary provided above are only estimates and could change with time.

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