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Ajaokuta steel company Salary (is it worth it)

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 About Ajaokuta steel company, Ajaokuta steel company's salary is unravelled in this article.

Is it your dream to be one of the workers in Ajaokuta steel company or do you wish to know Ajaokuta steel company's salary?
Either way, this article will be helpful to you. Before we delve into Ajaokuta steel company salary, I would want you to know what Ajaokuta steel company is all about.

 About Ajaokuta steel company

Ajaokuta steel company limited (ASCL) is also known as Ajaokuta steel mill. Ajaokuta steel is located in Ajaokuta, Kogi state Nigeria. It is the largest steel mill in Nigeria.

   It was created in 1979 by the Soviet Union under a cooperation agreement in Nigeria, however, the project was mismanaged and the steel mill has not been in function as of December 2017.

 More details about Ajaokuta steel company

The details below can be of relevance to you if you want to know more about Ajaokuta steel company
Address:plot 82, No.11A Yakubu Gowan

 Ajaokuta Steel Company's salary

Ajaokuta steel company salary

Now, we have known about the Ajaokuta steel company. We must take a close view of Ajaokuta steel company's salary.
    The Ajaokuta company steel salary depends on the level one occupies. On average, the salary structure is N97,473. This means most of the workers earn more than N97,473 while some earn less.

Conclusion; The Ajaokuta steel company salary provided above are not stable and may likely change.

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