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British Nigeria Academy salary 2022

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Have you been inquiring about the British Nigeria academy salary? If you do, this article will get you covered after going through it.
Before we delve into the British Nigeria academy salary, we would love you to know a thing or two about British Nigeria Academy


The British Nigeria academy is located in Abuja. The school is the first school in the northern part of Nigeria to offer the IB diploma program. BNA joined the ever-growing community of over 3800 schools offering the IB program among the 147 countries across the globe.

British Nigeria Academy recently gained its global authorisation as an IB school that offers the diploma program. This is a key moment in the life of the school as it joined the league of international schools offering the diploma programme.


The vision of British Nigeria Academy is to be among the best schools out of the 147 countries across the globe offering the diploma programme.


The mission of the British Nigeria Academy is to produce world-renowned academic graduates who will be doing well in their various areas of the discipline.

British Nigeria academy salary

Below are the salary offers at British Nigeria Academy in the various departments
Teachers            197,000

Nurses                79,000
IT technicians    57,000

Note the British Nigeria Academy salary is subject to change. So All we try to do on this website is to give you a guide on what the salary looks like.

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