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Bride price list in yoruba land

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I have heard a number of people argue on the bride price list in yoruba land. Some say it's cheap why others say it's expensive. We have decided to make a research on this to have a fact on what it entails. Keep reading to find out.

Bride price list in yoruba land

About the yoruba tribe

The yoruba people are black people who occupy the south Western part of Nigeria in West Africa.The Yoruba constitute around 38 million people in Africa.The Yoruba people are a west Africa ethnic group that mainly inhabits parts of Nigeria,Benin republic and Togo. The Yoruba are one of the largest Africa ethnic groups South of the Sahara desert .They consist of diverse people bound together by diverse people bound together by a common language, history and culture. Yoruba mythology says that all Yoruba people descended from a hero called oduduwa or odua.Yoruba has many dialects, but it's speakers can all understand each other

 Uniqueness of the yoruba tribe

The yoruba  language has an extensive literature of poetry, myths, proverbs and short stories. The Yoruba are one of the biggest ethnic groups in Africa.The Yoruba language is said to belong to the congo-kordofanian language family. The yoruba are predominantly producing food for their domestic needs

Bride price list in Yoruba land

Traditional marriage in Yoruba culture is always a memorable event. This event comes with so much joy as family, friends and well wishers celebrate with the couple. This day marks a remarkable day in the Yoruba family as different dishes like Amala,Ewedu, Gbegiri are prepared.Before the traditional wedding day takes place the groom and some members of his family pays a visit to the bride's family to tell their intent to marry the bride.

The groom and his relatives are welcomed and entertained by the bride's family.Discussions are then made,the bride's family together with the groom and his relatives picks a day for the traditional marriage and the marriage list is presented to the groom's family. This marriage list is known as Eru iyawo

  The following list includes the price list in yoruba land

42 tubers of yam
Bitter cola
Cow or goat
Bible or quaran
One bag of rice
One umbrella
Four crates of malt
Sugar cane
Bride price(Owo Ori)
Two non-alcoholic wine
I big bottle of honey
Palm oil(25 litres)
1 big suitcase containing clothes,shoes, and handbags including aso oko,lace and Ankara fabric

Fees to be payed during the traditional wedding ceremony in yoruba land

Owo Ori(Bride price)- varies, according to different families
Money for consent of elders(Owo ijoko Agba)- N1000
Money for the bride's father's consent (Owo Baba Ebo)-N1000
Money for the bride's mother's consent (Owo Iya Gbo)-N1000
Door knocking fee(Owo ikanlekun)-N1000
Bride transportation fee( Owo aeroplane)-N1000
Money for children of the household (Owo omo ile)-N500
Engagement gifts unveiling fee(Owo isigba)-N500
Master of ceremonies fee(Owo Alaga ijoko)-N500
Money for the house wives(Owo iyawo ile)-N500
The fee to call the bride out (Owo Telephone)-is N500
       The money is taken during the traditional marriage ceremony at different points. The gift items are properly kept at the venue before the ceremony starts

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