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Bride price list in Urhobo (marriage requirements list)

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 Do you once try to know the bride price list in Urhobo? Does the bride price vary from family to family as said by some people? We have decided to research it, and here is what it entails. Keep reading to find out.

About the tribe

   Urhobo is located in the Southern part of Nigeria. The Urhobo are the major ethnic group in Niger Delta State. 
     They are divided into 9 local government areas out of 25 local governments in Delta State.
  It is believed that the Urhobos migrated from Edo and are the 5th largest ethnic group in Nigeria

What makes Urhobo unique

Bride orice in Urhobo

   The Urhobos are unique as they have a way of speaking the pidgin language.
    The people of Urhobo are predominantly farmers. Their major staple crops are yam, cassava, maize,
beans, peppers and peanuts. They are also recognized for their masquerade dances, bronze jewellery, masks and also fishing.

   The Urhobo are popular for their delicious Banga soup which is enjoyed fully with starch

Bride price list in Urhobo

  The bride price paid in Nigerian families differs depending on the location. In this article, we will be looking at the bride price list in Urhobo.

    Traditional marriages in Urhobo are highly dependent on the families of both the bride and groom. The marriage can only be successful with the agreement of both families.
    The first step to start with is the groom's family knocking on the bride's family door. This is called 'Ghore-Etuk'. The groom tells the mother of the bride of his intentions who in turn alerts the father. The groom is invited to come again, this time around he goes with dry gin and a few of his family members.

 The bride price list is given to him and the introduction date is fixed
Below are the marriage requirements lists( bride price list in Urhobo);

  1. A bottle of schnapps
  2. N2000 for the bride's family youth, siblings and members
  3. A bottle of schnapps and N500 to open the floor of the marriage ceremony
  4. N2000 for the bride's wives including her mother
  5. N1000 for showing the bride's face
  6. N400, a bottle of schnapps, a kola nuts plate for praying and blessing the couple
  7. N5000 with a bottle of schnapps as the bride's dowry

Bride's father ( things given to him as part of the requirement)

  1. 1 hat
  2. A walking stick
  3. Shoe
  4. Traditional attire or wrapper for the men
  5. Bride's mother
  6. A box of clothing materials of various types
  7. Head tie and a blouse
  8. Wrapper and a gift of N5000 for the bride


  1. N5000 as escort fee. This is done after marriage
  2. 3 bags of salt for wives of the bride's family

  The bride price paid isn't stable and is determined by the bride's family

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