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Bride price list in imo state

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 Are you interested in knowing the bride price list Imo state? this is too outrageous but as they say, love is blind, a man will still gladly pay up without a double thought.

About the tribe

Bride price list in Imo state

  Imo state is an Igbo speaking state and is one of the 36 states in Nigeria with 14 local governments.
    Imo state was created in the year 1976 under the rule of the late Murtala Mohammed. The major cities in Imo are Orlu,Okigwe, and Owerri.
  The people of I'm are engaged mostly in farming. The capital of Imo state is Owerri.

What makes Imo state unique

Imo state is the major trade centre for yam, corn, cassava and palm products. Imo the state was named after the Imo River.
     They are blessed with natural resources (Zinc, lead, white clay, limestone, salt). Imo state is an oil-producing state
Bride price list in Imo state
  If you want to pick a bride in Imo state, your pocket must be filled with money. The reason is that the bride price in Imo state is about the highest in Nigeria.

   Most times, it can be negotiated depending on the family
Here is the traditional list given to the groom(bride price list list in Imo state)
  1. 20 tubers of yam
  2. 1 big tray of oporoko(stockfish)
  3. 20 sizable nails
  4. For the bride's mother
  5. A tin of red oil
  6. 40 tubers of yam
  7. Morning rose powder
  8. 1 carton of tin milk
  9. 1 carton of table soap
  10. 25 bottles of pomade
  11. Two dried thighs of a goat
  12. A bag of rice
  13. A bag of tin tomatoes
  14. 25 litres of kerosene
  15. Two family size umbrella
  16. 2 pieces of blouse material
  17. A handbag
  18. Two pairs of shoes
  19. Gold necklace and earring

For first daughters in the bride's family (umunda)

  1. 8 packets of Benson and Hedges
  2. 2 cartons of Star beer
  3. 1 goat for umuma( the kindred)
  4. 1 carton of Martina
  5. 2 bottles of ground snuff
  6. 8 heads of tobacco with potash

For men(the kindred)

  1. 3 crates of minerals
  2. 2 cartons of Martina
  3. 2 rolls of Benson and Hedges
  4. 2 cartons of Guinness-small tout
  5. 32 kola nuts or the cost price
  6. 4 bottles of seaman's schnapps

Cash price

  1. Ego mkpoku(noise money)-N1400
  2. Ikpo onu Aku Nwany(Bride price varies and can be negotiable)
  3. Ego ala abo- N10000
  4. Ego nfotu ite-N1000( money for bringing down the pot)
  5. Ego cherem -N 50000
  6.   Ego maternity (money for when the bride to be was born)-N1000

Conclusion; we believe we have covered everything you need to know about the bride price list in Imo state.

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