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Bride price list in Ghana(Traditional bride price list in Ghana)

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In this article, we will be discussing extensively the bride price list in Ghana. I don't know if you have once imagined what the bride list in Ghana would look like? This article here will reveal all you need to know.

 About the tribe

Bride price list in Ghana

 Ghana is the second most populated country in West Africa after Nigeria. They gain their Independence in the year 1957. Ghana was also colonized by the British.
  The capital of Ghana is Accra which is the largest city in Ghana.

What makes Ghana unique

    Ghana is unique for its production of gold. Obuasi is one of the richest cities in Ghana because it sits on gold.
  Ghana is the second-largest producer of cocoa beans. Ghana is also a member of ECOWAS(Economy community of west Africa state). Some other cities in Ghana include Kumas, Tamale, Obuasi, Secondi-Takoradi

Bride price list in Ghana

     In Ghana, the bride price forms a significant part of the traditional ceremony where the groom presents money, property and gifts to the bride's family in exchange for the loss of her labour and all that she has to offer.
   The bride price list in Ghana varies from tribe to tribe 
Below is the traditional bride price list in Ghana the groom is expected to bring;
  1. 1 bottle of schnapps
  2. A bottle of whiskey with a cash price Of 200-300 Ghana cedis
  3. A suitcase filled with six pieces of cloth, six headgears(Joshi, more)
  4. Engagement ring
  5. Bible and hymn book
  6. Coal pot, fufu, mortar and pestle
  7. Shika ni tells Natsu (the money placed on top of the suitcase)

For the bride's father

  1. Cash price ( this varies according to different families)
  2. Full pieces of cloth

For the bride's mother

  1. Half piece plus headgear 
  2. Cash price ( depending on the family)
  3. A pair of sandals
Some money is also given to the bride's brothers. However, if she does not have a brother, her cousin can stand in the gap
Cooking utensils are also given to the bride
   The bride price is usually paid on the day the traditional marriage is fixed.

Conclusion: This list above varies from family to family as we stated earlier. The bride price list in Ghana is cheap and can be affordable.

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