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Bride price list in Enugu state

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In this article we will be discussing about the bride price list in Enugu state. Lots of arguments have been made concerning the bride price list in enugu state. Are you of one those who have had such an argument? Keep reading as we unravel all you need to know about enugu and her bride price.

About the tribe

Enugu states is one of the 36 states in Nigeria with it's capital in Enugu. Enugu was created in 1991, the word Enugu is derived from two Igbo words (Enu ugwu) which means" the top of the hill". Enugu is the home of the Igbos and has a population of about 3.3 million people.

 Enugu state is in the South East geo-political zone of Nigeria with 17 local government. Enugu state is said to share borders with states like Abia and Imo to the south, Ebonyi to the east, Benue to the north-east, Kogi to the north-west and Anambra state to the west. Enugu slogan says they are the coal city state. Enugu is famous for it's delicious okpa.

 The igbos are found mostly in this state,they are industrious and has a custom of showing hospitality to strangers. They are also known for farming and trading

What makes Enugu state unique

Enugu which is one of the south eastern states is a trade centre for yam, corn,   cassava, pigeon, palm produce, onions, rice, and cattles. Enugu  is the major coal mining area and the most recognized in West Africa and hence the slogan"coal city state"

Enugu is popular for their delicious Nigeria delicacies like Abacha, isiewu, Akpu/fufu, Nkwobi, pepper soup. They are also known for their mining activities.
Bride price list in enugu state

Bride price list in Enugu State

The issuing of bride price list in enugu state has always been treated with cares by the elders.
In Nigeria marriages today,bride price is the first and most important thing in every Africa family. Today we will be talking about bride price list in Enugu state. The bride price list in enugu state varies depending on the town,we will be looking at a general view of how it's done in Enugu state.
After the bride agrees to the proposal of the groom,the groom's parents go to the family of the bride and tells their intention of getting their daughter as wife for their son. The bride is then called to declare her interest in the groom,if the groom is accepted by the bride then the next step is taken which is introduction (iku aka). On the day of introduction, the groom and his parents visits the bride's family not coming empty handed. 

It is tradition that they come with gifts which include beer, palm wine, soft drinks,kola. Now,on this day proper introduction is done as everyone is formally introduce and receives the title ndi ogo(in-laws). Depending on the tradition,either that day or another day the groom and his family meets the bride's kindred (umunna) with kola and drinks. 

The next step is the kola nut ceremony (Ichi oji). Both families invite their relatives and friends to come celebrate with them at the bride's place. While eating and drinking is going on,the bride is given kola by her father. She eats from it and gives to the groom. This signifies that the groom has been accepted. 

The next step is wine carrying ( igba nkwu) which is known as traditional marriage in African setting. On this day, there is a lot of food, music, dancing, joy. The bride is given a cup of wine and is asked to find the groom. She dances around finding the groom who is hidden among the guests. 

When she finds the groom,she takes a sip of the wine and gives the rest to him. They then walk together to the father of the bride who blesses their union. Before the marriage ceremony is completed, the issue of bride price (ugwo isi) is brought up. This could be before or after the wine carrying depending on the town. 

This is done privately as the family as the father of the groom goes with drinks to the bride's family where the bride's father is asked how much he is willing to accept in exchange for his daughter, he then replies saying his daughter is not for sale. The groom's father presents a bundle of money to the bride's father. The bride's father slips out a note saying he does this to show that his daughter has value. After this, the marriage ceremony is complete.

We believe the above information on the bride price list in enugu state is informative enough?

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