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Bride price list in Bayelsa

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   In this article, the bride price list in Bayelsa state will be revealed to us. Lots of arguments have been made on whether Bayelsa people include foodstuff on their bride price list. This article will reveal to us if it does include or not. Keep reading to find out.

About the tribe

Bride price list in Bayelsa

Bayelsa state is one of the 36 states in Nigeria with its capital in Yenagoa. Bayelsa State is a state in Southern Nigeria in the core Niger Delta region, which lies between Delta State and Rivers state. The language spoken in Bayelsa state is Ijaw.

     The Igbo language is also spoken in some localities like the Ogbia area. However, like in the rest of Nigeria, English is the official language. Bayelsa was formed in the year 1996 from part of Rivers.

What makes Balyesa unique

Bayelsa state is predominantly Ijaw with Ijaw as the major language. Bayelsa is the site of the Colibri oil field where oil was first discovered in Nigeria. Bayelsa is made up of 8 local governments and 3 senatorial districts.

     The main religion of the state is Christianity. Bayelsa State is the home of several ethnic groups including Ijaw, Kolokunu, Ekpetiama, Biseni, Igbirian and Alissa. There are about 30 languages spoken in Bayelsa state with Ijaw, Nembe and  Ogbia as the dominant languages.

    Their major occupation is fishing, they are rich in their culture and tradition. This culture and traditions bond them together and keep them sane.

Bride price list in Bayelsa.

 Before we go deep on the bride price list in Bayelsa state. It would interest us to know a thing or two about the bride and groom to be in Bayelsa. 
  After the groom and bride find themselves compatible and agree to get married, the next step is that they inform their families independently and the families will carry out a background check on each other if they are satisfied with the result and ts, the marriage process continues.

    The next step is an introduction and this is known as "ware ogiga bolo" which means to knock. The groom together with elders from his family visits the bride's family to make their intentions known. He is expected to come along with a bottle of gin and other beverages.

    However, if he is not from Bayelsa (Ijaw), he is allowed to come with kola nuts. Note that it is not in their culture to break kola on this day.
     The groom and his people are welcomed and the bride's price list is given to him. Unlike other ethnic groups whose lists contain food items, the list items on the bride price list do not contain food items except salt.

The bride price list in Bayelsa consists of;
  1. 20 litres of gin.
  2. A canoe and fishing nets
  3. Lantern, mortar and pestle
  4. Box of clothes
  5. Money for the parents of the bride
  6. Tobacco
  7. Money for the maidens
  8. Attire the parent's Money for the bride’s waist
  9. Money for the brothers.
   The bride price contains the list of items the groom is expected to bring on the day of the traditional wedding ceremony. Note that the bride price varies and can only be determined by the father of the bride depending on the financial strength of the groom

In conclusion, we believe we have shared with us everything about the bride price list in Bayelsa state. 

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