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Bride price list in Auchi

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In this article we will be sharing to us the bride price list in Auchi. Is the list cheap as presumed by some people? Let's keep reading to find out.

About the tribe

Bride price in auchi

     Auchi is the most populated town in Etsako. The town consist of four villages(Akpekpe, Iyekhe, Usogun, Igbe). 
    The people of Auchi are said to have migrated from Benin like the other Etsako people. The name Auchi was derived from the founder Uchi.

What makes Auchi unique

  Research has shown that Auchi is an Islamic town, despite the difference in religion,the people live peacefully and are known for their hospitality to strangers.
      The language spoken by the Auchi's is known as Afenmai language or Etsako language. Their occupation is mainly crop and animal farming, hunting, Fishery and trading.
      They are blessed with fertile farmlands, natural resources and rivers.

Bride price list in Auchi

    The bride price list in Auchi is similar to other tribes in Edo state. After the proper investigation has been made by both the groom and bride's families and the introduction has been done, the next step is the bride price list which will be given to the groom.
Below is a general bride price list in Auchi;
  1. Holy Bible
  2. Two bottles of schnapps
  3. Soft drinks
  4. Bushmeat
  5. Kola nuts
  6. One bag of salt
  7. Wrappers (6 yards and above)
  8. Coconuts
  9. One bag of rice
  10. One packet of sugar
  11. 28 tubers of yam
  12. Bride price ( varies from one town to another)

Cash Price

  1. Money for the mother (N5000)
  2. Money for the father (N3000)
  3. Money for men from  the bride's family (N9000)
  4. Money for women from the bride's family (N6000)

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