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Bride price list in Anambra state

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 Are you one of those dating Anambra ladies? And you are planning to getting married to her anytime possible? In this post we will be sharing to us what the bride price list in anambra state entails.

About Anambra state
Bride price list in anambra state

Anambra state is located in the Southeastern part of Nigeria. Anambra state is one of the 36 states in Nigeria with it's capital in Akwa. Anambra state is surrounded by different states,this include Imo, Rivers, and Enugu state. Anambra is known to be the second smallest state in Nigeria and was said to be created in 1976 under the general Murtala Mohammed regime.

 What makes Anambra unique

Before we go straight into the bride price list in Anambra state, it will be important we know a little about what makes Anambra state unique.

Anambra state is blessed with so many natural resources such as crude oil, natural gas,ceramic bauxite.The indigens of Anambra state are industrious as they specialize on agro-based activities such as fishery, farming, animal husbandry. No wonder their slogan says they are the light of the nation

 Bride price list in Anambra

The bride price list in Anambra state varies depending on the town. In some towns, you pay less while in some you pay heavily. Despite the different tribes in Igbo land which includes Anambra state, the culture of traditional marriage is still maintained and practiced.

For instance in ichida town,the bride price is not high when compared to other Eastern part of Nigeria.After the groom has made his intentions of getting married well Known and proper investigations has been made by both the groom's and bride's family,the bride price list is then presented to the groom.

The price can be negotiated as they don't have an intention of selling their daughter. After  a certain price has been agreed on, the tradition marriage ceremony takes place. A major aspect of the traditional marriage is the wine carrying part, this excites the groom and bride as the bride goes round looking for her groom. This marks a remarkable day in the life of the couple
 Food served during the traditional marriage ceremony
  1. Abacha
  2. Garri and ofe onugbu
  3. Nkwobi
  4. Jollof Rice

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