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Bride price list in Akwa ibom state

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Here is the bride price list in akwa ibom state that made a man say no to getting married to akwa ibom ladies.

About Akwa Ibom Tribe

Before we delve into the bride price list in akwa ibom state, We will like you to know a thing or two about akwa ibom state.

Akwa ibom is one of the 36 states in Nigeria and was created in the year 1987. Akwa ibom is divided into 31 local government with uyo as the state capital. The normal,customs, taboos and traditions in Akwa Ibom are the same. It is regarded as a uni-cultural state. The indigens of Akwa Ibom are known for fishing, farming, trading. Other towns in Akwa ibom state include Eket, Ikot, Ekpene, Oron, Itu, Ibeno etc
Bride price list in akwa ibom state

 What makes Akwa ibom state unique

The state is recognized for their special dances which include oko, Asian, Ubo ikpa, Nkerebe, Asian mbre iban and lot more. Akwa ibom whose nickname is land of promise is known for delicious food. They are also unique in cultural displays, folklores, arts, and crafts. They are also very friendly and are recognized for their hospitality to strangers

 Bride price list in Akwa ibom state

Marriage is a blessing and God knows that it is not good for a man to be alone, No wonder he originated it. Before marriages can be done in our Africa family, certain requirements has to be met and paying off bride price is a key requirement. In this article,we will be looking at how bride price is paid in Akwa ibom. Research shows that bride price list in akwa ibom state is very expensive.

Some areas in Akwa ibom state which include Oron, Eket, Mkpaten, are seen to be very demanding in bride price which has made the pretty young ladies single.

 Research and investigations show that most areas in Oron and Eket demands nothing less than 1.5 million naira as bride price, while introduction may amount to 250,000 naira excluding the celebration proper.

 After proper introduction has been made by the groom and his family and is accepted by the bride,the bride list is given to the groom.
Below is the bride price list in Akwa ibom state;
  1. To take the list, the groom will have to pay a thousand naira and also a bottle of original schnapps
  2.   Compound cleaners youth(Nkpo mkparawa)
  3. 2 cartons of beer( star and Gulder) 
  4. 2 crates of mineral
  5. 1 packets of cigarettes (Benson)
  6. 1 head of tobacco
  7. 1 leather ball
  8. 1 bottle of illicit gin
  9. 1 packet of cigarette(St Morris)
  10. Cash of two thousand and five hundred naira(2500)
  11. Knocking of the door (father and mother combine
  12. 6 cartors of star beer
  13. 2 cartons of maltina
  14. 2 cartons of small stout
  15. 2 rubber of palmwine (40 litres)
  16. 6 bottles of Eva wine
  17. Physical cash of forty thousand (40,000)

  1.  big native she goat
  2. 5 tubers of yam
  3. 5 cartons of star beer
  4. 2 rubbers of palmwine (40 litres)
  5. 2 Bunches of cola but
  6. 2 bottles of grinded snuff
  7.  3 crates of mineral
  8. Physical cash of 5 thousand naira (5000)

  1. 1 matchet with cover
  2. 10 crates of mineral
  3. 10 bottles of English wine
  4. 5 heads of tobacco with limestone and snuff water
  5. 1 black hat
  6. 1 wrist watch
  7. 1 fine walking stick
  8. 1 nice tie
  9. 1 fine English portfolio
  10. 5 parket of St.Morris cigarettes/Benson
  11. Envelope of 50,000

  1. 2 bags of crayfish
  2. 1 bag of beans
  3. 2 bags of salt
  4. 1 big cooking stand for palm oil
  5. 1 carton of key soap
  6. 1 piece of English wax to cover on the ground for wife to match on
  7. 1 crate of mineral and N 1000 for cooker
  8. 1 frying garri pot
  9. Pair of women shoe and wristwatch (Gold)
  10. Envelope of 40,000 only

Grandfather bride price list in Akwa ibom state is listed below;

  1. 5 bottles of schnapps
  2. 2 three in 1 whiskey 
  3. 5 cartons of beer
  4. 5 crates of mineral
  5. Envelop of N10,000 only
          Grandmother's share(Mkpo Ekaete)
  1. 1 piece of wax
  2. 1 bottle of whiskey
  3. 1 carton of beer
  4. 5 crate of mineral 
  5. 1 bottle of illicit gin 
  6. Cooker's shares(mkpo mbon ufem udia)
  7. 1 crate of minerals
  8. 1 bottle of illicit gin
  9. 3 key bar soap
  10. 1 bottle of schnapps
  11. Cash of N1500

 All these stated above must be bought and presented by the groom before marriage can take place.

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