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Arochukwu bride price list

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Lots of arguments have been made on the Arochukwu bride price list. That's why we have decided to research what the list entails. But before we delve into that it would be nice for us to know a thing or two about Arochukwu. Keep reading to find out.

About Arochukwu

Arochukwu bride price

    Arochukwu is a town in Abia state, it is also one of the local government areas in Abia state. Arochukwu consists of different towns and villages. This includes Nkpakpi, Atani, Oror, Ugwo, Amasa and so on.

    Arochukwu is the third-largest city in Abia state. The major tribe in Arochukwu are the Igbos, the Akpa people and the Ibibio. English is an official language spoken in every part of the world but presently, languages spoken in Arochukwu are Igbo, Ibuoro(an Efik Ibibio language) and Nkari( an Efik Ibibio language).

What makes Arochukwu unique

Arochukwu local government is also known as Arochukwu or Aro oke Igbo.
     Arochukwu is rich in its culture and tradition. One of the custodians of their rich culture is the Ekpe society, a sacred society that originated from the east of the cross River. This society was very religious and played a judicial role in Arochukwu.

     The Ekeleke masquerade also displays an important aspect of Arochukwu culture. Another activity that displays an aspect of culture in Arochukwu is the new yam festival.
   The people of Arochukwu together with their communities gather to celebrate the new yam festival at a place known as Amikpeobinkita. This festival takes place in September every year.

Arochukwu bride price list

     Before a young man can get a bride from an African family, he must first pay the bride price before he is given his bride. He must also meet certain requirements which will show that he is fit and able to take care of his bride. Ladies in Arochukwu town are beautiful and presentable, and because of this, the bride price is a bit expensive.
Below is the Arochukwu bride price list;


  1. One crate of malt
  2. One jar of palm wine
  3. One crate of 7up product minerals
  4. Two bottles of whiskey
  5. Well cooked cooler of rice 

Giving out list

  1. Two bottles of schnapps
  2. Two thousand naira only

Onyi Ajuju

  1. Two jars of palm wine
  2. One bottle of whiskey
  3. One hand, a leg of dried meat(aka na ukwu and Okposo)
  4. Transport for bringing out the bride
  5. N3000
  6. Ikea and, negotiable by men(N1500)
  7. Ikea and, negotiable by women(N1000)
  8. Iwu own more
  9. One bottle of whiskey

Mmayi Nganga

  1. 6 cartons of beer
  2. 2 crates of the guider
  3. 2 crates of star
  4. 2 crates of small tout
  5. 6 crates of minerals
  6. Money for but ulo nta-N1000
  7. Nmayi Adaighi to men and women (negotiable by cash)
  8. Money for slikoyi Akpagarate and snuff tobacco
  9. Two thousand naira only for young men.

Mother-in-law entitlements

  1. One big George, one plain George
  2. Two wax prints, two blouses
  3. One fine handbag, two head ties
  4. One pair of shoes, one fine umbrella
  5. One wristwatch, one big basin
  6. One metal bucket, one English mat
  7. One big towel, two tins of big powder
  8. 12 tablets of toilet soap
  9.  Six bottles of pomade
  10. Necklace & earrings

Father in law entitlements

  1. One big chief jumper
  2. One piece of plain George wrapper
  3. One walking stick
  4. One fine hat/one umbrella.
   Note that the Arochukwu bride price list varies depending on the village or compound. Marrying an Arochukwu lady demands a lot but if you are in love with your lady, it is worth the sacrifice.

In conclusion, we believe we have covered everything on the Arochukwu bride price list.

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