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Afikpo bride price list

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In this article we will be discussing on the bride price list in Afikpo. It would interest us to know a thing or two about Afikpo.

 About Afikpo
Bride price list in Afikpo

Afikpo is a town in Ebonyi state and the second largest town in Ebonyi state. Afikpo consists of twenty-two villages. These villages include  Ozizza, Ohaisu, Nkpoghoro and Itim
   Afikpo is seen as one of the major producers ofagricultural products in Nigeria. These products include yam, fruits, palm produce, groundnut, cassava and vegetables.

What makes Afikpo culture unique

Before delving into the Afikpo bride price list, lets discuss a little on the uniqueness of Afikpo culture.
     Afikpo is also called Ehugbo. Afikpo is a highly cultural place. An interesting part of Afikpo is their traditional arms of government where the Ekpuke Essa plays the roles of legislative and Judiciary.

    Research has it that a popular market called Eke ukwu was founded by their ancestors. This market was said to be founded in two communities of Afikpo, Ohaisu and Ugwuegu in the year 1896.

    Another market called Eke mgbom was established by the Itim community in the same Afikpo. The founder of this market created traditional customary laws to ensure peace, sanity and orderliness. The people of Afikpo are known for farming, carving, and weaving and their women are known as the best pot makers.

Afikpo bride price list

 The people of Afikpo have a unique way of giving their daughters to their suitors. Though marriage in Afikpo is similar to every other village in Igbo land. After the man proposes to the lady of his dreams and they have agreed to stay together, the marriage process begins.

    Before the Afikpo bride price list is given to the man, there are some processes he needs to pass through. The first step is that the man goes to the family of the bride with a bottle of wine to declare his intentions.This is called "Mia nAkumaadakwa m" In the Afikpo dialect, this simply means they should not stone me in English.
Now, after the groom has made his intentions well known and he is recognized, he is then given the bride price list as required according to the Afikpo custom. Some items in the Afikpo bride price list can be negotiable and this depends on the kinsmen of the bride to be and the area the man is coming from. Once the groom agrees to pay the bride price, the traditional marriage date is fixed.

Below is the Afikpo bride price list;
  1. A tin of kerosene
  2. A tin of palm oil
  3. Mortar and pestle
  4. Cooking utensils
  5. Two basins of small and big modern grinder
  6. Lantern
  7. Pot for storing water
  8. Standing mirror
  9. 20 tubers of big yam
  10. Young female goat
  11. Modern mIn this arat
  12. Family bed, foam and pillow
  13. Upholstery
  14. 26 gallons of palm wine
  15. 3( three) crates of malt
  16. 2( two) crates of small tout
  17. 2 cartons of Gulder
  18. 1 big dried fish
  19. Potash(Akanwu)
  20. 12( twelve) big seeds of kola nuts
  21. Clothes for both the parents of the bride
  22. 4(four) bottles of seaman's schnapps
   As a man, before you can fully take your Afikpo bride as a wife, you must buy all the required items listed in the bride price list given to you by the bride's parents

In conclusion, we believe that we have covered everything you need to know about the Afikpo bride price list. 

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